How long the process can take to renew F1 visa in December?.


I have been in US for a couple of years on F1 visa which expires in August this year. However I am currently enrolled in a PhD program and I need to renew it. I cannot go to India in summer and I plan on renewing it in December by visiting India in middle of December. My question is, how long will it take to get the visa renewed? The problem is, I am on a scholarship that requires me to be attend school in third week of January and as a result it will not be possible to return in time if the process takes long. Can someone please help?


Unless you need to travel outside the US, you don’t have to renew the visa. The visa is only required to enter the US.

Check your I-94 - it should say D/S for “duration of status”. That means you are legal to stay in the US as long as you are in F1 status, i.e. as long as your I-20 doesn’t expire and you are studying.

There are no guarantees with visas. It should take a few weeks at most but if they decide to do a security check it could be longer.