How long should I wait to apply for a job or H1B in the US once im on H4?

My husband’s on H1B visa and im travelling with him on H4 visa. I would like to know how long I should wait before I can apply for a job there? Since I have already completed my masters in India I would like to work as soon as I get there and I dont have much options to study. I will be travelling in August 2013. Also do companies sponsor H1B while on H4?

You can’t work unless your husband applies for I-485, it gets approved and files I-140 and gets it approved. I think currently it will take more than 10 years. I might be wrong though. These are for permanent residency and not all companies file for permanent residency for their employees esp IT companies.

I read a recent proposal by one of US agency that they will enable H4 to get EAD after the H1B has been in US for 6 years and has applied permanent residency.

And yes companies sponsor H1B but the employer would need to apply like everyone else which is costly and again you can work from Oct 2014 if your H1B is approved next year. As you know H1 is applied in Apr and you can work in Oct only. So why would a company apply for you, pay upfront and wait for 6 months for you to start working rather than choosing a local guy, unless you have some rare skill

Better you find a company which sponsors your H1B and get it filed in thecoming year i.e., FY-2015. Companies do sponsor H1B if you fulfill their criteria, try attending interview in your field