how long it will take take to receive I797B hard copy after approval under normal processing


how long it will take take to receive I797B hard copy after approval Under normal processing.

I have received approval on June 16th…still didnt received hard copy on hand



Impossible to tell for sure, but right now I’d guess about 2 months.

I am also in same situation. My case was approved on Jun 23rd. Still attorney did not received any hard copy yet.

2 months you talking about is the delay in sending the hard copy or you talking about the actual processing time for a h1-b application?

Please post if you had received your copy

My employer received hard copy of approval on 22nd of july…it took almost 36 days from the date of approval (June 16th)

Thanks brother. That gives me some hope :slight_smile:

I am in same situation too. Approved on June 3rd 2015 and employer yet to get Hard Copy of it. Possible it is taking 2 months average? or totally depends on Service Center it is filed? Mine is California Service Center. let me know if there is any other information please. Will update mine once i hear from my Employer. thank you.

Mine is in Vermount Service center.My attorney checked with USCIS customer service and was told that they mailed documents on same day of approval . Not sure if there is any delivery department that have the delay or with USPS. I am planning ti wait for few more days before processing a I-824 application to take re issue my approval documents.

Oh ok, Lets hope the Best and I am sure we will get the Hard-Copy sooner. thank you for the Update. Grt day.