how long it is taking to process 221g blue slip cases @ chennai consulate?


i was given 221g blue slip at chennai on aug 8th. They have taken all the documents except my passport. The status is showing as admin processing. What will be the next step ? Will the consulate contact me thru email? What is the time taken to get a response ?


HI … Is your visa issued? I got a 221g with admin processing on sep5 from chennai , can you contact me at

HI…, I was too given 221g-Blue slip in chennai on 5th Sept -2013. My case number doesn’t appear in the case status report :

But when i enter my case number in : ,
I get my update as ‘Administrative Processing’ .

Why is my case ID not present in Pdf Status report generate every day…?

Please clarify some one.

Hi Arya …The pdf status report is for pink administrative processing only.

me too got 221g Blue slip. Attended for h1b on 4th October. Does anyone know how can we track the status of this case number. I could see it is not in the pdf provided…

Hi, I too got 221g blue form on Oct 22nd 2013.
It has been 20 days since then. Does anybody have an idea how long does it typically take? what happen next in both success and failed cases?

Hi 221(g) blue slip folks, i have attended the VISA interview @ chennai on 17th of Sept, and was given the blue slip in favor to submit few company’s financial documents which i have submitted it in 3 weeks of time. As per my information gathering the Blue slip 221(g) can’t be tracked online. Only the best option to know any sort of moments on the case you have to opt for the Mail/Courier option at the time of your additional documents submission at the VFS branches, so then your documents or any sort of letters that are sent from the embassy reaches you directly where you will have some sort of info on the same.
for e.g 1. If still any additional docs required
2. Send your passport etc

For any further queries can reach me @, will help you out if any experiences are similar.

All the Best Guys! (Including me)

hi vikkx13,

did you get visa issued? how long it took for admin process to be cleared?

hi arya,

did you get your visa? how long it took to clear admin processing?


Is your Visa approved?

Please post the update as I am also sailing in the same boat.

Hi 221(g) blueslip guys,
i got my blue slip on July-7th 2014 for H4 and i’m still waiting on a decision or the response from the consulate. Does anyone got the visa after the Admin Processing? long did it took for the visa?..where to check the status
Any update will give peace of mind