How long is the wait for 221g?

I have applied for an H1b stamping almost more than 40 days ago. I was given 221g white slip, marked with further review. The consular told me that everything is good, but he needs to verify my employment and I797 with USCIS. I said, if both are okay, then I should be fine with stamping. He said, “Sure!”. My employer told me that the consulate has verified your employment by calling them like more than 2 weeks. However, still I am having, Admin Processing, on CEAC website, when I check for the updates. I tried emailing them twice but have not received any updates. I am really confused on what should I do? What could be the reason it is taking them so long?

Maybe they are checking with the client and doing other background checks. Once they are ready, they would contact you to submit the passport. Until then, you have to wait patiently.