How long is the interview waiver eligible for Work Visa Holders

“The interview waiver for the temporary work visa holders is until the end of 2022. It means that it will be until December 31st, 2022.”

What is the exact meaning of the above? Does it mean, that who ever (H1B) eligible for drop box / interview waiver, applies for an appointment, on or before 31-12-2022, are only eligible for Drop Box / Interview Waiver, irrespective of their confirmed appointment date, either before 31-12-2022 or later? Here the stress is on applying for an appointment, before the end of 2022. Is it so? Pl clarify.

Also further clarify, whether one can drop the documents and other papers, AT ANY LOCATION, ON THE DATE AND TIME SPECIFIED, ORIGINALLY AGAINST VAC APPOINTMENT DETAILS?


For now till any further updates, IW is applicable for appointments till 31st Dec.