How long i can stay after I94 expires

My L1B visa and I94 has been expired in Dec, company has files for my L1B extension on Nov 28th. It is still under process and i will be completing 240 days in july last week ( If we count from the day company filed extensions).

My L1B Extension of stay  is under process (my h1b has been approved). How many days i can stay in US after my extension has been filed. When Do I need to leave US.

What in case my L1B Extension gets denied, will i need to leave us next day ? or i can wait till Oct (my h1b has been approved with I94).?

You can stay at most 240 days from your I-94 expiration date, or L-1 denial date (whichever is earlier).

Is this same for H1b Visa holders having I94 expired?