How long does LCA filing takes time for H1B visa at this point of time?

My new employer told that he need to file LCA before filing H1b petition? I have only 3 weeks of time legally, before which i have to start working as my project ended on April 25th. How long does filing LCA and getting it takes time?

it takes nearly 7-10 days. My LCA is in progress to my attorney informed me

do you mean 7 to 10 business days?

yes business days. May be in a week. I applied last friday they are expecting it in next 2 days

Thank you for responding, keep me posted on your timelines when you receive, it will be helpful to me, they are going to file it for me tomorrow.

My LCA got approved today. so it took 6 business days for me

Thank you anushavv, My LCA got filed on last wednesday, hopefully expecting it to be approved on next thursday June 8th.