How long does it usually take to receive H1B I-797B notice form?

I received the I-797C notice on 22nd of May, 2017, that I have been selected for the lottery and can check the status by entering the case number at USCIS website.

A couple of my friends who also got the same notice have already received their I797B approval after just two months (with the same status, i.e., ‘your case been accepted’).

My status it remains same and it’s been 3 months. How long does it usually take to receive the I-797B?

Since I applied from an alien country, who will receive my I-797B notice, me, my employer, or the lawyer?

All the cases which were picked in lottery have not got update yet. There is no order in which cap subject H1B are being processed. The place from which you have applied doesn’t affect the order in which H1B petitions are given adjudication. The cases are processed in a random manner. Please wait for your case to be processed. All information about your petition is communicated only to your employer/Attorney. Similarly, if you have a query regarding your petition then it has to go through your Employer/Attorney only. Please be patient and you would get an update soon.

Just giving a heads up: Today I got my approval (I797B)

Wow!!! Congratulations!!