How long does it take to get the H1b after RFE is cleared.


My H1B petition was filed on [b]sep 23rd  2011 [/b]and i had recevied my second RFE on may 25th which was cleared on july 9th. now my status is shown as "Post decision activity". Could you pleas let me know how long does it take from her for me get my visa.

Will i be considered under 2013 quota? so that even my petition will processed along with them from nov or it will carried out as normal 2012 petition.

Your petition will not considered in 2013 Quota processing. It will be going in normal processing. Hopefully in another one month you should be recieving the decision.


So, In the case of 2013 quota; how long does it take for an RFE to be cleared if we submit the documents by the end of October’12?