How long does green card process takes for Iraqi born?

Dear Redbus2us team,

I am currently on H1B visa and I was wondering how long would the green card process take for me. I am born in Iraq but I have Austrian nationality.

I came to know from my indian friends and co workers that their Green Card process would take several years. Is there any database for Green card application based on nationality?

Thanks in advance for your help

Iraq has 2 tracks for green card processing. If you are of certain minority ethnic background, you can claim refugee status and fast track your application. The other track is more time dependent. However, priority dates for Iraqi citizens or Iraqi Austrian dual citizens may not be considered the same as for dates for Indian Nationals. Population of Iraq is 37 Million, while India is at 1.3 Billion. USCIS has a priority date by country info tab on its website.

Shankar- Thank you very much for your response! I believe, I would go the green card path through my H1B visa. I will consult with my company lawyer on the green card process. Best regards