How long consulate can hold passport for H1B Stamping

First interview was in July 2011, I got 221g which clearly said abt revocation of case and that will be sent back to USCIS. Then in March 2012 (last week), after 8 months USCIS contacted my employer in US and asked some evidences. My employer provided all. Immediately in April 2012(last week) I got reaffirmation with new I797. I contacted consulate in Delhi they called me to visit consulate without scheduling any interview, they just called me to come on any business day. I visited consulate in May 2012 and again VO issued me 221g asking the same docs which my employer already submitted to USCIS, but this time VO kept my passport. I submitted all the docs again. Now, Again in July 2012 they sent another 221g by email asking some more docs. I submitted them immediately. Since then I m waiting for my passport.
This is the story till today


Almost around 5 mnths passed after reaffirmed interview

What does ur attorney say abut it ?

Did ur employer approach senator or congressman & complain the same ?

Did u check with Dept of state abut ur case ?