How H1B Lot system works for small companies

I heard different answers for my question from various people for H1b Lot system for 2013.

The cap for 2013 is 65K+20K(for masters). When the lot comes for normal cap i.e 65K, will the lot done on company to company basis or from the whole application.

For Eg: companies like Wipro , CTS, TCS may apply more application. In this case the chances of getting H1B is higher than the small companies since small companies may apply for 6 to 7 applications. So if the lot is based on company basis say company X quota is 3000 and company Y quota is 10 then if X and Y exceeds their limit then on lot basis H1B will be given for 3000 and 10 for X and Y respectively. If X and Y are applied within the quota limit then all applications will be come through.

Is my understanding correct?

Also when the lot result for normal cap will be announced?

All the visa applications not matter whether they are from small or big companies are pooled together and 65,000 are randomly selected in the lottery. There is no such categorization of large or small companies. So people from small companies, people who have applied from large companies are all equall treated by USCIS and all have equal chances of getting picked. No one is given preference or have any limit on visas per company.

Lot result you should get by 2nd or 3rd week of May.