How good is Carnegie Mellon University for MS?

I’m a ECE student and I’m interested in VLSI and Communication Eng. So, how good is Carnegie Mellon University to persue MS? Does this university offer scholarships?

[b]What are the other options for MS in those specified fields[/b]? And [b]how's the [/b][b]job [/b][b]oppurtunity in that field in MS for foreigner students[/b]?

And just out of curiosity: [b]I know someone who's doing MS in CS related field and has Btech degree in EE[/b]. [b]Is it a good decision to get MS in any Computer-Eng. related field while one has degree in other field like ECE (provided that the student has enough knowledge in programming)?[/b]

I am not sure about the specifics of the VLSI major. In general, it is a well reputed University. Every university offers some sort of scholarships or funding to some students. Read this article : How to get Scholarships in US Schools

You would need to do research on the opportunities.  In general, you have to be very proactive to get a good job, with all the visa regulations and lottery.

Computer Engineering is primary designed for students with ECE background. Check out the courses and plan at [Comp Engg Courses at UHCL ](

Yeah I’ve read the scholarship-related art. already and I’ve got it. Especially I’m interested in Electrical and Computer Eng degree, that CMU offers for MS.

But how’s the living expenses of Pittsburgh (CMU Pittsburgh campus) and of Silicon Valley (for CMU Silicon Valley campus)?
Do they provide full funding/scholarship for MS?
Can you provide me any link for list of universities who provide Electrical and Computer Engineering degree for MS?