How feasible for EE's to join consultancies.

Hello Kumar,

I am in desperate need of help in making my decisions. I am a graduate with MSEE. I havent found any job yet. Done with first month of my OPT. Thinking of joining consultancy. Do you have any resource where any consultancy giving training and placement on technologies related to electrical engineering and are really reliable and not fraud. All the research I did has not landed me any company match above criteria. I mean how can I defend an equation viz: (5-7 yrs fake exp) = (4-5 weeks of training) that too related to technology out of your field.

Please i need your expertise in suggesting me some companies which are reliable not fake and train into related technologies like embedded systems.

Because the which are promising all this , when I go for reviews I see all negatives there.

Please I seriouly need your help.

kind regards