How easy is it to trasnfer H4 to H1B once in USA

I have a H1B and i am in US.My wife is in India and wants to come down to USA and work.I have been told it is nearly impossible to get your H4 visa converted to H1B as the rejection rates are very high.Is this true?

What is the best option

1)To bring her on H4 and search for a sponsor and file H1 B from here

2)To search for a sponsor and apply for H1B from india.

Please guide if any body has had a similar experience.



It all comes down to who the sponsor is. If you get a good employer then chances of approval from H-4 to H-1 or from H-1 from India is same. The next important thing is the timeline. The cap opens in April and may not survive for lot of days. So you need to find a good employer soon, and then have it filed (either from India or from US w/ COS to H-1).