how do we book slot for my wife (H4) along with my appointment (H1-B) ?


I have got my H1B approved and planning to apply for visa interview. I would like to book appoinment slot for my wife as a dependant (H4). Could any body tell the procedure to book interview slots for both? What are the documents required for my wife?



First you have to fill DS-160 form ( as a principal applicant. Later, you will see “add dependent” option for your wife.

(Assuming that you are visiting India) Then you will need both DS-160 confirmation numbers to create a profile on [](

TWO dates (OFC & interview) selected by you will be for your wife too.

You will need all your H1B/H4 related documents (Approval notices, job appointment letter, salary slips, LCA, H1B/H4 application packet, etc...) along with visa interview documents, marriage certificate, etc...