how do the asterisks mean on H1B Visa underneath the Photo


I got my h1b stamped recently in sep, 2015 .After I. Noticed Two stars(asterisks) just underneath my photo…for my friends who travelled by the same employer last year they got only one.

Can any one tell me what does these Stars mean? And will there be any problem during Port of entry …

I’m bit worried about these…can you please help me out…

Thanks in advance,

Thinking too much … huh

No need to worry about the count of asterisks.

Thank you Saurabh for your reply.
Actually the Reason behind why i am worried is:
One of my Friend who got h1b from same employer was set back at Chicago port of entry during this year July. After him no one has traveled to US through that employer.
I am thinking may be because of that incident i got 2 stars this year (Last year all are got 1 star who are from the same employer).I don’t know what to do.
Should i avoid going to Chicago port also can you suggest which port of entry is best for H1B candidates.My LCA is filled near Chicago.
Will there be any impact on forth going candidates of the same employer if any one of employee was deported before and that too it is small company.

Please help me out. Thanks in Advance

Its a wide speculation. Unless you know what the exact reason was for him being turned back from PoE, one can also guess. Ask your employer about the reason, if they know.