How do students pay off their loan?

I’ve got couple of questions. I’ve graduated with mining as bachelors from ISM,Dhanbad. I’ve been working in a PSU. Now I want to pursue Computer Science in US.I’ve a decent knowledge in programming(made couple of apps. I’m good at python,java,django framework,HTML,CSS,bash).

  1. Since I’m from a different stream I’m required to take some pre-requisites.Am I required to take these pre-requisites before the semester or during the semester?

  2. I’m going to give gre and toefl in the month of september(2015). Should i wait till August 2016(Fall 2016) or should i apply for spring 2016(Jan 2016)?

  3. Is there any chance that i get any scholarship?

  4. If i take a loan, can i clear it by doing part time jobs in US(This is the important question.)

I’ve 5.85 OGPA(not cgpa) due to which i never thought of giving gre.But I’m really passionate about Programming.


  1. If you are from different stream, typically US schools will make it mandatory to take the pre-requisites. You will have to take this before your program courses starts in the first semester itself.

  2. Ideally, Fall 2016 would be best. You can check some of the swhy MS in USA

So you want me to join a company here and through that MNC i should go to US

You can take many courses without getting a degree as well.
which courses,nothing mentioned in that post