How do I know weather the consultancy applied for h1b behalf of me

Hi Team,

I have applied for the H1B visa through the consultency which recides in Texas,USA
I Paid $3800 as a fee for all the process
If i am not selected he said he will pay $1600 back
My case Number According to him is:I-200-16076-614981
I entered this number in and it says that it is certified.

but when i enter the same number in
it says it is not valid

My question is
still now i didnt received any selection or rejection mail from the US Lottery.
How do i know weather he really applied to the h1b lottery for me by using that Case Number.
because that case number tells only he is applied for the post of sysytem analyst and it is certified but which name that case number associated with that system analyst is not known.
How do we know about all these.

If not selected, employer would receive a rejection letter. You can ask for that rejection letter as it would have your name.

As a side note: This employer has a lucrative business. He takes 3800 and returns 1600. So he is pocketing 2200 per petition like yours. To add to it, if he is not applying for you, then he is keeping all the money to himself.