How do I know, if H1B registration was filed

Hello People,

Is there way to know if my employer filed my H1 in the new E-Registration process.Someone said me that we should be receiving an email as soon as if e-registration is done? Is that true??


No, they do not get email. They will only know it, if they login to the system. You can watch this

what does it if the status is is submitted still after the result date?

Hi,This year its 16digit benificiary with alpha numeric is that can be checked online as applicant .some please let me know.

Cannot be checked. Read

No, Only employer who log into the website of registration has the option to see if it is selected or just submitted or rejected

  1. How to get confirmation of the Petition Number / Case number belongs to mine or not.
  2. Does the Case Number (or) Receipt sheet get tagged with the Beneficiary confirmation Number ?
  3. Who have the option to see/confirm whether this case number belongs to so and so applicant or registrant ?