How do i get the details of LCA job postings of employer

My employer have provided me the LCA case number which he applied for h1b. Now how can I check the entire job posting/wage/designation details of this case number ? I did checked in icert portal and it only shows that it is approved.

You may download the LCA information from the DoL Employment & Training Administration website under OFLC Performance Data section (Disclosure Data tab). It has quarterly and annual data for download in MSEXCEL format.

Hope that helps…

Thanks for your reply. I have applied H1b for this year 2015. The website which you mention is showing the previous years details. How can i check the LCA petition details of this year for a my LCA case number.I just want to check the wage/designation details.

If your H1B petition was filed in the 1st week of April 2014, your LCA must have been approved before that - probably that’s the first thing your employer/attorney does as part of the process. So your LCA information should be available in those downloads.
Here’s what you could do: Go to that website, Disclosure Data tab and scroll down to “Latest Quarterly Updates”. In that table, download the file for LCA (“H1B_FY14_Q2.xlsx”) and look for your case number. It would be easier to filter on the State/City/Name column for your employer who is filing your petition.
If you don’t find the information there, try for year 2013.

If nothing, your LCA might have been filed on or after 1st of April 2014.

My employer have provided me the LCA case number which he applied for h1b. How can I find my employer email id, phone number and other details ?