How do i check my current case status online for H1B 2013 cap?

My employer has filed my H1B on April 10th.How do i check my current case status online?

I am not sure whether my emlpoyer recieved acknowledgemnet receipt number as they are not revealing anything.So just curious to know wbout the status




You can follow-up with your employer asking whether the filing is completed? If so; request them to provide the 13 digits WAC ID through which you can checkk your status here:



Thanks for the reply Chandu !
They are saying that they have filed with USCIS, but yet to receive the receipt notice.And it is the same with all of my colleagues.

Just one more question…Is file number and acknowledgement receipt number the same ?

Yes, they are the same number. It will start w/ EAC or WAC depending upon whether it was filed w/ VSC or CSC. It is issued on 797C (notice of receipt) and will contain the number along w/ your name and employer’s information.