how difficult the process is to relocate my parents after showing them dependent

I just got a well paying job in an IT firm after completing MS, my question is if I think of getting settled here in us, would I ever be able to bring my parents here, I do not want them to live there in india separate from my family and what is the process of relocating them here and what could be the difficulties that they might face here if I think to reside in some indian colony near by.

I know the questions are very optimistic and beyond sth but i am really concened if anything is feasible, please reply if somebody has experienced the same.

Thanks very much.

Hi Nitish,

I also got your private message but replying here so others can get help too. I think it is very nice you are planning this way and there should be no problem. Your parents must first create a travel record on a B-1 B-2. They should visit when possible, see how life here is and then go back. This is not essential though. Many parents arrive only after their residence petition is approved. In the meantime, your green card process should also complete and citizenship track clock should start. Parents are given priority when sponsoring permanent residence and this can be expedited through certain means. Time line for approval ranges from 290 days (expedited) to 1100 days (standard).

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO 80223, USA.;

I am assuming you are on H1. You cannot bring your parents on H4 ( unfortunately). If you do not have green Card you will need to apply for one ( Loong process and takes 5-6 years on EB2). Only way now is you can bring them on B1/B2 visa -they can stay upto 6 months at a stretch