How can person with H4 visa can work?


I will be travelling in 1 month to US on H1B visa.My husband is working for 5 years in good MNC.If he want to work after coming there ,please let us know which will be more effective ?

1)Coming thru H4 visa then changing to F1 Visa and getting job thru CPT?How much time will it take for COS?Can we apply for COS immedialtely after coming to US?

2)Coming thru H4 Visa then COS to H1B.Some consultancies turned up for sponsoring H1B visa?How much time will it take for COS?Can we apply immedialtely in April?
After applying for COS,can he travel back to India on H4 and then return once H1B got approved?In this way,he can keep his job for come days in India?

3)Applying fresh H1b from India and coming after stamping is done?

4)Also,please let us know how to decide on H1B sponserships for there genuinity?

Thanks in Advance.


  1. I dont have any idea for your first question.

  2. It is not just a COS. Its again a fresh H1b. We have options like filing H1b with COS and with out COS. If you file COS, your H4 will automatically get changed to H1 once the petition is approved or on the date mentioned in petition.If with out COS, you need to go for consular processing for visa stamping in your home country.You can apply for H1b this year itself but make sure that you apply with in first 2 weeks before the quota is over. If you are applying for H1b with COS, you cannot travel to India while the H1b approval process is pending.

  3. There are consultancies processing visa for people in India, but if it is a reputed company you can avoid stamping problems.

  4. You can get the H1b sponsors through your known friends, family members and relatives. Nowadays lots of consultancies come forward to sponsor visa, but it is very difficult to identify who is good and bad so it is always better to know from the pople who are already working.