How can me and my bro both fill DS-160 form as sponser for my parents ?

Me and my brother both are in us on H1 visa.My parents are planning their vacation visit by year end so i have an issue with DS 160 form.Are we both to be shown as sponsers? How to do that as the form has a single option for information about sponser?plz guide.I appreciate your help.Thank you.

The DS form needs to be completed by the parents. If you want to complete it on their behalf then one of you can do so (there is a section towards the end which asks if the application has been completed by someone else and you have to mention your or brother’s name there).

There is also a question which asks about any blood relatives in US, and both brothers’ names need to be mentioned there. You can then send a letter to your parents (signed by both brothers) saying that you will take care of them and their expenses in US.

Thank you for answering the above question .
But can you tell me how to add second person in the field ‘person/entity paying for your trip’?
I dont see an option to add another person in this field.So what do you suggest ?

Why can’t you let only one person be mentioned there, and then submit both names in the invitation letter?