how can i visit my country without applying for a new visa in my country?

Can anyone tell me how to apply for an F-1 visa while having an expired F-1 VISA staying in the US. ? Is it ever possible? i came to the US with F-1 visa more than seven years ago. i’ve been attending to school (college, university) ever since then. My visa was for one year, it expired 6 years ago but i’m here legally with I-20 from schools i’ve attended and i go to university now. i’m in the middle of my computer major, and i wanna visit my country for a week or month so much, because i didn’t visit at all in 7 years. What i know is, once i leave the US i will need a valid visa to re-enter the US and almost no chance to get another F-1 visa at the embassy in my country after so many years. but i don’t wanna leave everything behind permanently what i achieved in the U.S. Any advice, solution would be appreciated.! Thank you.

Trapped in a foreign country. This is the saddest of situations. You are not alone though, every year this question is asked by so many people who have stayed behind, extended their stay but the original visa does not reflect the change any longer preventing travel. Options exist (1) Talk to your local congressman or senator, get a letter on USCIS family reunification clause and that you should be allowed to travel and return comfortably (2) Get a letter from your school that you must be permitted to return to complete program (3) Can your family visit you on B-1/B-2? I am sure you miss family and friends more than places and things so ask them to come over (4) Complete your University program, transition to a J-1 visa which applies to research based positions in organizations. Denials are less than 0.1% in the J class. It allows you freedom to travel, get married (if unmarried), bring dependents and so much more.

With all the best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO 80223, USA.;

Thank you very much Dr. Shankar for your help on this. Yes, i miss my parents mostly. I tried to bring them here 2 years ago but they got refused. They are afraid to try again. But you gave some really good options, i’m definitely gonna do that. I hope it’s possible in philadelphia. Thank you very much!!!