How can I contact VFS in Hyderabad or Hyderabad consulate


My passport was returned without stamping or denial. I don’t know the status of my application. I sent an email to VFS support and they created a case which has been open for 2 weeks now. The case status is escalated to post. I don’t know what that means. I’ve been sending daily emails to VFS support without any reply. I wanted to know if my application was denied. I suspect VFS lost the denial letter when sending my passport to pickup location. VFS Cochin my pickup location haven’t been helpful.

Is there any way to contact VFS Hyderabad or the Hyderabad consulate to check what’s going on? Anyone have any contact.

Did you try calling them?

It’s an automated answering system. I’m not able to connect to an actual customer support person. I’ve sent email to support email without any reply for 2 weeks.