How can expiring I-94 be extended to be able to work on H1 B from October

My L1 visa has expired but my petition is still valid and I am still working in US on the basis of my I-94 is expiring this July. I have an H1 but cannot start working on it before October 1. What are the different ways to get I-94 exended until October so I can stay in the country till I can switch to my H1 in October.

If you have your L1B petition valid till or beyond October, you may file an extension of your I-94 with USCIS (I believe using Form I-102). If you L1B petition expires before October, you might have to get that extended as well.

Hoe that helps.



Your L-1 employer will have to file for L-1 extension to allow you to stay in US b/w July and Oct. The extension needs to be filed for just 3 months. Discuss this w/ your L-1 employer if they are willing to file for extension.