How about H1 filed on Jun 7? Will it be considered in the quota?

My employer’s law office overnighted my H1 paperwork to USCIS on Wednesday, Jun 6. Since the paperwork reached USCIS on Jun 7, will it be considered to be within the quota?

You have a good chance but nobody knows yet (unless you have already got a reference number). Just wait a few hours for the cap update and find out.

I am also on same boat. My documents reached uscis on 7th june. I guess, we are in.

Me too in the same situation, some of the people who made a PP , and sent it on 6th, which got delivered on 7th got a receipt on 8th.
SO , logically we are also in, just that the regular cases take longer to get a receipt.

Can anyone make a fair prediction on whether the quota will last another week. My LCA is expected to be out in 2 days

No One knows my friend> Lets hope for the best.

A quick question: Is an LCA a mandatory requirement for the H1B package??.I have seen some people posting comments on this forum where in the write about having filed petitions without the LCA certification and submitted it later on.

LCA is a pre-requisite for H-1 filing. Those petitions may either be denied outright (my preferred option) or USCIS may issue RFE. It remains to be seen, what will happen to those petitions.