Holding Malaysia work visa (EP) in my passport and appearing for USH1B visa - is it okay?

Hi, My employer filed H1B pettition for me and it got approved, now am waiting for my appointment to be fixed with US consulate for stamping. But currently am in Malaysia on Empolyment Pass (Work Permit). I am planning to visit India and get the H1B visa processed and return back to Malaysia to work for another 6 months before i take up the US oppurtunity (going to be work for the same customer).

My query here is, when I appear for H1B visa stamping, I will be having valid Malaysia Workpermit in my passport. Will it cause any issues? can I have valid another country work visa and apprear for H1B stamping? I there any possibility, my H1B visa request may get rejected becuase of this reason?

Pls. share your views or suggestions. This question keep popping in my mind since I saw my pettition status got approved.

It is ok to have Malaysia work permit when appearing for H-1 interview.