Holding h4 visa Officer stamped wrongly as b2 on I-94 valid for 6 months

Port of entry officer wrongly stamped on my i94 as b2 visa and stamped for 6 months only. What is the process to change my I-94

Please help me with your valuable suggestions.

You can walk into or tslk to nearest immigrstion center.they will change this accordingly. Its not a problem at all. I hsve seen the same case in my previous company.

Is this issue solved? What did u do since i am facing similar issue.

I have seen this issue in my colleagues case. I only took him to the office and immediately in 2mins they have stamped and given the passport to us. You can call them, get an appointment if required and get it corrected.

how many days after he entered US? also u went to USCIS office or u went to airport?