Hold F1 VISA 221(g) - got new I-20 ( same university ) New sevis ?


My F-1 visa application is hold 221(g )due to submit of documents.

For that reason I renew my I-20 after that I get newly I-20 same university,same course but [b]different SEVIS number.  [/b]I paid sevis fee for new SEVIS ID.

Now I want to submit documents to US Consulate.

So, what Documents I will submit with asking for ??  like new I-20 + new Sevis paid fee confirmation 

Thank You!!


You need to submit all the documents that they asked for. If they have asked for I-20 Original, then you need to submit the new one as well. If they just asked for a copy of it, then you can just submit a copy of the same. If you are in doubt, you can always email or call them. Check the US consulate website.

Also, the SEVIS number change should be fine. Read my response here [Different SEVIS number ](http://redbus2us.com/qa/25070/spring14-deferred-admit-fall14-received-with-sevis-reapply?show=25070#q25070)