High School Teacher attending H1b Interview in Chennai requesting info on questions


I am a high school physics teacher, who has been working in a Public school for a year now. I was on H4 and got the H1-B approved through COS, last year. If there are any teachers on H1-B visa, could you please share your interview experience. ANy input in this matter will be extremely helpful.



Hi Rose,

You are required to carry NOC(No Objection Certificate) from the concerned authority, if you are serving for government organization (school). Below are few questions which you will be asked in the visa interview.


	What is the purpose of your trip?

	What is the salary being paid? - India / US

	What is your work location in the U.S?

	Who is your client and what is their major business?

	What type of services will your employer/petitioner provide?

	Will you be working out of the petitioner’s location or will this be offsite placement (Client office)?

	Who will control and supervise you at the work location?

	Can the client fire you?

	Questions about the client / Employer/Petitioner.

	Since how long you have been working with your current employer?



Gopi Krishna Reddy