Hi My spouse is on F1 visa, I have applied for F2 visa and rejected 214(b) for 5 Times.Now Can I apply for F1?

The interviewer did not tell me anything regarding my documents. Every time they just rejected by asking 3 to 4 questions regarding my husband’s University and my Sponsor. I have told them that my father is my sponsor and even went with all bank statements. Please help me with your answer. Can I apply for F1 visa now or do I have to wait till his Graduation?

Hi friend… i am in the same boat as you are.I have applied for F2 thrice n got refused undet 214(b).My husband is still studying n will apply for OPT after 6 to 8 months.plz tell me did u apply again and what did u plan to do after so many rejections.

did any of you got visa ? my wife back in india has same issue still didint got it what to do now ? what u have planned ?