Hi, I want to ask question regarding the boy who had student visa.But he didn t get h1B visa because of some reason.?

he worked at one non e-verified company during his OPT period.Now if he marry to green card holder girl ,Can he get visa based on spouse or he got difficulty because of his previous visa(student visa)??Please reply me ASAP. I will explain all his information below.Rightnow he is in India.And he wants to marry green card holder girl. This is his situation… I have completed MS in Biotechnology from NYU Poly from 2009-2011 as an international student. After graduation, I had 29 months of optional practical training to work officially in USA where I need to work with e-verified employer during last 17 months as per school regulations. During my STEM OPT (last 17 months), I worked for below company/ Institute as a volunteer without any pay: Woodhull Prescription center in Brooklyn (not e-verified, confirmed from employer) Columbia University in New York (e-verified, confirmed from employer) NYU Langone Medical Center (not e-verified, confirmed from employer) I did not get any query from USCIS regarding working for company/ Institute which is not enrolled in e-verify program. Now, if I marry to US Green Card Holder Girl, will it create any problem for me to enter in US after marriage and while visa interview?

Your case looks a little tricky to me as you should have worked for an e-verified company as per law. I suggest you work with an immigration attorney on your case to avoid any complications.