Hi, I completed my masters in chemistry

I completed my masters in chemistry, bachelor’s degree in pharmacy want to join in IT consultancy for an IT job. Because am looking for good salary but in our field it is very low. Consultancy is saying that they will surely file H1B on the basis of SAS CLINIAL which can be related to pharmacy. Is there any cases that H1B approved on the experience bases even with different educational background.

Please suggest me to come out from this dilemma.


AFAIK, SAS clinical requires statistical and mathematics knowledge. Chemistry/Pharmacy may give you domain knowledge but not technical knowledge. People who I know have done MS in Statistics, or Biostatics or Mathematics before joining as SAS programmers.

You should do more research online and look for SAS openings on sites like dice, monster. Then see what the job requirements for those openings are and if you satisfy those (especially around education and years of experience). If you don’t, then it may be tough to get H-1 this way.