Hi I am in crossed roads whether to decide to go on H1b or F1 visa,my H1b got stucked-reg

                                                                                           Hi my question may be strange but I am in a peculiar situation.I have applied for H1B,it got picked and even got approved .But actual problem started here,my employer is unable to provide me a client letter.And he straight forwardly refusing me to give any client letter now ,because due to the present situation and I came to know that he don't have any office in US.So,I am afraid that in the present worst situation even if he is able to provide me a client letter(may be ,chances are very less)because of improper paper work my H1B may get stayed i.e., 221(g) for additional information may be asked,for which my employer will not be in a position to provide, if I go for stamping in future and moreover, no one is ready to take my H1B transfer because I am still in India and due to the present worst situation.Seeing all this ,I lost hope on going through H1B,so I am planning to apply for MS n try for F1 visa.

                                 So,1)My first question is should I wait for client letter or apply for MS .2)If suppose I have atteneded my H1B stamping and got rejected ,after this if I go for F1 stamping,what are the chances of me getting my F1 visa stamped.3) Now should I use the same resume for universities to get i20 and for F1 visa stamping which I used for processing my H1B ,because if I go for F1 stamping the US embassy will already have my details.So will they perticularly and specifically see my h1B applied resume and my F1 resume, because I showed some dummy exp for 1 yr after completing my graduation,before getting my actual job because of my employer misleading me while filing H1B.

the above questions may be normal but are more valuable to me,kindly reply

  1. It is your personal decision, both are very different. What is your passion study or work ?

  2. Again, it depends on many factors, very hard to judge the changes, every case is different…

In general, you need to be clear on your goal to go to US, either study or work…Many use F1 as a way to enter US and then worry about future…My view is that your purpose should be clear, trying to US F1 visa as a way to enter US and work with system later may not work well… Take some time to think about your real purpose and you will have to stick with your decision, each of them will have risks associated with it…