Hi, I am currently on an F1.My OPT starts from June 2015.My query is will I be able to apply for an H1 in April 2015?


I am currently on an F1B visa from a reputable institute in California.My OPT starts from June 2015. I was wondering if I can apply for an H1b visa in April 2015.If yes, what are the conditions to be taken care of?Will I need to have an offer letter. I have 2.5 years experience in the software/marketing industry


I am assuming you meant F1 Visa. Yes, you can. I am assuming that you have a Bachelors and currently pursuing MS. You typically do not need MS to apply for H1B, a degree equivalent to Bachelors in US would be sufficient. If you are almost done with school, completed all the requirements for the degree and have your final transcripts ready by then, then you can include that to be considered for the master’s cap, if not you can always file under regular quota. You can also speak with your DSO on this.

Adding to Kumar’s suggestions, If you dont have your MS transcripts at the time of H1 filing(under CAP), later if you are able to secure the MS Transcripts before your H1 Approval, you can always amend your pending H1 with the MS transcripts to be considered under US MS Quota of H1 CAP

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Am working as a Recruiter for one of the company in california. If you are expecting your OPT in June you wont be eligible to apply for h1b under Student quota. You need to have an employer who can file your h1b this year and since your work authorization starting in June it will be not possible for your employer to file your H1b