Hi, does having a new I-20 affect a pending f-1 application?

I have a pending case in the USCIS and i just notified the school that i was enrolling that my f-1 is still in process and then they told me that they terminated my I-20 due to lack of communication. So, I read their handbook and yes I saw the rule stating that I should have informed them. They told me that if the USCIS finds out that the I-20 that they have is terminated my application would automatically be denied. Then, the person in charge for issuing I-20 told me to reapply.

My concern would be, the USCIS had a copy of my I-20 that got terminated. How will USCIS get a new copy of my new I-20 and will they acknowledge or credit the new I-20 to my pending case? By giving USCIS a copy of my new I-20, will it affect my application?

Anybody here had this kind of situation? What was the result?

Hoping for your answers.

What visa status are you in US ? What is the background to apply again ? Why did you not tell your school ? In any case, you need to trust the advice given by your school DSO as they know rules better than anyone.