Hey can I do MS in infosystems management right after my bcom?

Hello I am pursuing my bcom 2nd year. Apart from the question I’ve already asked I would like to know what are the other usefull programs I can pursue right after my bcom in the US.

thank you

I dont know if you would get admitted to a Master’s program without a bachelors degree in related feild. You can do bachelors in Info systems.

Masters without basic knowledge is not possible. Its known as Master’s for reason!

Yes, you can puruse MS, if the school you apply to recoginzies your B.Com as a bachelors degree and waives the 16 years education requirement. Check this article : 16 Year Education requirement for Study in US

Here are some of the options 

	You can apply for a bachelors degree and transfer your credits. You will start as a junior or maybe senior in Bachloers degree in US

	you can apply for an MBA program, if the school you apply to is fine with 15 year education and recognizes the degree as equivalent to US Bachelors

	You can apply for a one year program in your home country and get the 16 year education requirement fulfilled to apply for MS

You always need to work with school and identify the exact requirements. every school is different in US and you need to work with them individually. 

Also, there is no requirement that you stick your B.Com subjects in Masters. You can switch majors as you wish, but you will be required to take prerequisites to offset your lack of background in that field.  Read : [Change of Majors in US for MS](http://redbus2us.com/change-majors-in-ms-after-admission-and-arrival-to-us-ece-to-cs/)