Help Required: Traveling from Hyderabad to U.S (F-1 VISA, NIE, COVID Test, etc)

I have the following questions (Traveling for the first time)

  • Does F-1 Visa automatically considered as NIE (annotation) or does I have to get it separately?
  • I’m traveling to Oklahoma, the US from Hyderabad, India (HYD → DELHI → CHICAGO → Oklahoma) and I believe this route has any restrictions as of today.
  • Where can I get the COVID test done in Hyderabad? How likely I’ll get my Covid test results 1 day before my travel

Any other suggestions on “things to be done before leaving” are much appreciated!

NIE requirement was withdrawn so it no more applies.

Best is to do at airport before your flight.

Thanks @Kalpesh_Dalwadi
So which test do I have to book? Rapid or RTPCR?

Just google, its easy to find such travel related information. You can also call the airlines you are flying or airport helpline you are travelling from.

Thanks again! I’ll reach them out