Help required regarding travel on F1 visa.


I got admission for MS at Syracuse University for Spring 2014. If I have to go to Syracuse from Hyderabad, I need to book an itinerary some thing like Hyderabad --> Delhi --> New York --> Syracuse. But as my cousin working at New York, I booked an itinerary as Hyderabad --> Delhi --> New York. My cousin will pick me at JFK Airport, New York and drop me at Syracuse. Thus, I saved a good amount of money.

Now, I came to know that during the immigration check at the Port of Entry (in my case New York), it is necessary to show my next itinerary till Syracuse, which I have not booked. In this context, can you please let me know, is it mandatory show that itinerary till Syracuse at Port of Entry ?

Thanks in advance.

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not needed. I have never shown itinerary

Thank you very much for the reply.

I have updated DS160 form that there are NO relatives to me in US. Still is it fine to admit that my cousin drops me at Syracuse ?

Some of my friends are saying that during the first student visit on F1 visa to US, I should definitely have an itinerary till the end point i.e. Syracuse University.

If at all it is mandatory, I am planning to book a bus ticket from New York to Syracuse city to show the immigration officials.

Please let me know your thoughts.

You can do that. But simply speaking you are overthinking. Just be cool. I had landed in Denver while my college was in CA…so its ok.