Help Required on H1B Sponsors


My H1B is on RFE and will be getting the results out in few weeks, in parallel we are thinking to approach H1B sponsors for my Wife who can sponsor H1B during next year (Mar’16). She is currently working for SAP with 6+ yrs of experience.

As H1B dependent cannot work until EAD is filed, i would request in letting me know about the list of sponsors/consultancy firms. We are ok to go ahead even on Contract based jobs.

Please Help.

Many thanks in advance.



Just like no one will tell H1b sponsor names. Its upto you to find from friends or internet or someother. If you are completely unaware better google and enquire about them.

are you in India or US? if in US, i can suggest some

You may read this article to get some idea : How to find H1B Visa Sponsors