Help please regarding my L2 visa


My husband is in US and I am going to attend L2 visa interview next week along with my 2 kids. My husband got his L1 when he was in Brussels. I wanted to know what type of questions will be asked and what documents should I take for me and for my kids separately. Please help me in this regard

Thank you


I was in the same boat two years ago. My wife was on L1 and i did attend L2 visa interview for me and my daughter. My daughter was one and half year old that time so i didn’t take her since she was under 14. I just took all her necessary documents with her photograph.

Visa officer just asked me two questions. first one was “Where my wife is working in USA?” and another question was “what’s my daughter’s date of birth”? He just took my passport and my daughter’s passport and told me that my visa is approved.

Since its spouse visa, you don’t need to be that much worried. Chances are high that your visa will be approved. Though you need to make yourself prepared for visa interview with all the necessary documents. Mainly they may ask that in which area your husband is working, where he is living, for how long you people will stay there.

Keep following documents with you without fail.

  1. DS 160 appointment letter

  2. Your husband’s I-94, I-129, I-797, passport copy, visa copy

  3. Marriage album, marriage certificate

  4. Your kids birth certificates

Hope this will help. Good Luck.



Than you so much . I had my interview yesterday . It was easy. My visa is approved . Thank u once again.