Help Please:Indian National..Visa Interview at Qatar

Hi everyone.

My H1 has been approved recently. Im currently based in Doha,Qatar…working as on onsite consultant for a Pune based company.
I have been in Qatar for just above 2 months on a business visa which will be extended by my current employer to 6 months! So i wont be able to travel to India!!

Lets say if i attend Visa interview at Doha consulate in November this year would that be any problem? would it be a smooth ride? what kind of questions can i come across?
Please help

Thanks in Advance

Since you are based out of Doha, but not the permanent resident of Doha, i would recommend for first time stamping at your home country. It has too much value added. Since its based out of luck, its tough to answer its good to attend there or not.

Did you check with your attorney .I don’t think the consulate in Qatar will allow for stamping ,as you are a third national.

Hi AJ,

Same case with me … i have moved to Qatar - Doha for 8 months now. My H1B is approved recently. Please ping me on +974 50294087. Lets discuss on this.