HELP PLEASE, IMPORTANT. Can I ask for OPT for MBA if I asked for OPT after the Juris Doctor (JD)

I need the answer ASAP because I have to file soon…

I am about to finish the JD in law school. I am planning to file the OPT but I know that later on I am going to do the MBA. Will I be able to file for OPT again after the MBA if I already did the OPT for the JD.

Basically the Question is if the MBA is a higher degree than the JD… Because it’s the only way this is possible.


You can avail 12 months OPT for every masters you do. There is no limit. But, you can only get STEM OPT once - I dont think this will apply to you.

Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately, that is incorrect. You can only get one OPT per level of education (bachelor, master and PhD)