Help needed on F1 Visa- Having 6 years exp in IT

Hi All,

I got admit into MS in Business Intelligence at St.Josepth Univer, this couse is generally preferred by working professionals.

My Profile:

Having 6 years of IT experince as database administrator

B.E ( E.E.E) - 66% 3 backlogs GRE 299 TOEFL 97 inter 93.1% 10th 75%

I wanted a career transformation in Business intelligence field where I’m working as a DBA.

I really appreciate if some one can guide me on my Visa chances and how to give the better answers for questions that suits my profile.

Since I’m having good experience in IT , i m worried of getting 214b. what are the precautions I should take in my answers or documentation and what are the best possible ansewers in my case?

Hoping help from you soon…

Thankyou All

Your profile is fine. I have seen people with 10 backlogs get visas. Be prepared with questions for why higher education, why such university, why at this time of your life, etc. As long as your application is good, you should be fine. Read some of the interview experiences online to get a sense of the questions. It can be nervous, but take it easy and do your best. Nothing to panic.

Hi Kumar,

Thank you for the reply…

My Visa is stamped for 5 years…

Thanks to Redbus, this site helped me to prepare the right answers.


Congrats ! Do you mind sharing the stamping experience and your preparation with our readers ? You can use the form : or send email to redbus2us @ gmail