Help me in understanding the 221g mail from consulate?


I got 221g blue slip in chennai on Oct 4th 2013 stating further administrative processing needed and required no documents. Recently I got a mail as below..

Dear xxxxx, 

Your document(s) have been collected from the US Embassy/Consulate 
The passport number being returned is XXXXXXXX. 
You have chosen to have your documents delivered to the following location: 
Bengaluru, Prestige Atrium 2nd Floor Unit No. 304, Bangalore, 560001.

They've alredy returned my passport on the day of my interview.

Can anyone help me with the meaning of this mail?

You visa must have approved and Stamped AFAIK…

Fingers Crossed till U get Passport…

Hi Rana
But the passport is with me. They returned back on the day of intervie itself.

They are sending the docs u gave them, may be they wil email u or send u a letter to come for interview again and get stamped… Must wait till u get the mail/courier

As Stated in mail.Please go and collect your docs from bangalore OFC.

and check with them whether there is a request to submitt the passport,else you have to wait for the mail.

Thanks rana.

Thanks suresh. Do I still have chances of getting visa?

most probably yes

what is the outcome buddy of your visa process

What happened further on your case. Did you go for visa stamping again or ???

What happened further on your case. Did you go for visa stamping again or ???

Dear amn, they sent a letter stating they denied my visa. I haven’t get any update from my employer too.