Help in Opt reporting (Updating same employer adddress)

My name is Pratik Kumar and have completed my Masters in Computer Science in May 2016.

I am on my OPT, and working for my Employer in Texas.

Initially I have updated my Employer details in the OPT reporting form.

I have a few questions, they are as follows:

Question 1: My Employer has relocated me from Texas to Tennessee for work.

I have updated my new residential address in the College portal.

Do I also need to fill the Form AR -11 or the college reports my change of address to USCIS?

Question 2 : My Employer has relocated me from Texas to Tennessee for work.

Do I need to Update my Employer Address also? If yes, where do I have to do that?

Note: My Employer is the same, I have relocated for work


  1. Yes, you need to complete AR-11 form as well

  2. Check w/ DSO about this

Hi Saurabh,

Thank you for your reply. It has been 12 days since i shifted to Tennessee. I read online that I need to update the address within 10 days. Will it be a problem if I update my address now. I need to submit the AR-11 form online?


Yes it needs to be done within 10 days and has to be done online. I don’t think it should such a big issue that you updated it on 12th day.

Thank you. I will update the same online.


One more thing, presently I have been staying in a Temporary accommodation provided by my Employer. The temporary accommodation is a Motel. Do I have to update that too or only the residential address once i sign the lease